tisdag 1 november 2011

One of those days

Ungefär såhär känns det idag...
(Och hade jag hittat en video till låten så hade ni fått den, men det ville sig visst inte. Ungefär som allt annat idag.)

Tired of impressing, tired of proving
myself to people that I thought already knew me
Tired of showing off, tired of trying
Nothing's for sure and nothing's for granted
Tired of taking back instead of having
Tired of giving with you, never sharing
Tired of coming home after working
To an empty house with no one to talk to

Tired of nights with none of us sleeping
I'm tired in the mornings, tired in the evenings
Tired of telling myself "you can do it"
Talking to myself just as if I knew things

Tired of spending time with my cellphone
And messages you sent me ages ago
Nostalgia strikes with strange powers
Step by step and hour by hour
Things I used to know ain't easy no more
Step by step is how I go on
I try to remember how I thought
How I did when I was on top of things

Relieved to see another morning sun
Day by day is how I go on
Night by night they come to me
The demons to remind me of great grief
Of how I earned all this
Of how the reason to all this is me me me
Even if I never disagree
Sometimes it's more than I can take
And I break and I break and I fall apart
After night comes light then another night
It starts again the poisoning of my mind
It starts again the slowing of time
The ease of things just happening
It's gone gone gone, It's never been more gone
Giving up, giving up, really giving up
Could stop all this but I can't

No matter how many times you tell me
No matter how hard you try to convince me
I can't stop, I can't stop, I can't stop, I can't
Oh tears tears tears, more worthless tears
They do nothing but tear down what I've built
I've always seen the end of all bad things
But this time is the first time
Oh yeah this time is the first time
That I've been thinking of giving up on life
Oh yeah this time is the first time
That I've been thinking of giving up on life
But I can't!
Laakso - I can't stop

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Catharina sa...

Känns bra när man bara behöver läsa en rad för att förstå vilken låt det är. Nu kommer jag lyssna på Laakso resten av kvällen!